Mission and Goals

The mission of Families with Children from China-Southern California is to promote a nurturing community for adoptive families, to celebrate our children’s heritage and to support prospective parents.


  • To empower and enrich children and youth adopted from China and their families.
  • To provide parenting, cultural and social resources and activities for and services to families pre- and post-adoption.
  • To nurture the health, well-being, self esteem and cultural connection of children adopted from China and their families.
  • To foster an understanding of and respect for our children’s Chinese/Chinese American heritage and encourage family participation in Chinese/Asian American cultural, educational and social activities.
  • To encourage the adoption of children from China and support prospective parents by providing information about all aspects of the pre- and post-adoption processes.
  • To promote the health and welfare of and to assist orphaned, abandoned and other children remaining in China’s social welfare institutions.
  • To inform and educate the public about adoption and transracial and transcultural families.
  • To network with other adoptive family organizations and to connect and collaborate with the Chinese/Asian American communities.