Become A Volunteer

As an all-volunteer organization, those who give of their time and talents are truly the lifeblood of FCC-SoCal.  Without volunteers, FCC-SoCal doesn’t thrive, it doesn’t survive.  A core group of volunteers has been happily pumping along for many years but an organization always benefits from an ongoing boost of “new blood” to keep FCC-SoCal vibrant.

FCC-SoCal is seeking enthusiastic teammates who like to “work and play well with others,” are willing to roll up their sleeves and, last but not least, want to share some fun and laughter along the way.  When parents volunteer, we set a wonderful example for our children who, in turn, love to come to events to socialize with each other and begin to take ownership in their own special organization, FCC-SoCal.


To volunteer, go to "Contact Us" and use the webmail form found there. Describe your interests in the message of the email.