Lunar New Year Events

FCC-SoCal's 2017 New Year Event Committee:  Albert Olson, Judy Marasco, D’Lee Mayberry, Ben Luce, Valerie Allen, Karen Drew, Janice Burrill, Kathy Hauck and Sandy Draper. Would you like to help with the 2018 banquet? Let us know by using the contact form on this site. We would love to have your help.

The FCC-SoCal Banquets

Since 1998, FCC-SoCal families have been gathering in Los Angeles’ Chinatown to celebrate the arrival of the Chinese New Year.  The event started in the Year of the Tiger with 4 tables and 40 moms, dads, waiting parents and children in a small room in the back of the Empress Pavilion.  By 2005, FCC-SoCal families filled the entire Empress Pavilion (the largest restaurant in Chinatown) to capacity.

At each event, more than 50 tables fill the dining room.  A family-style multi-course dinner is served to each table.  Throughout the evening, music plays, families and kids socialize, and Asian performers entertain the crowd with acrobatics, juggling, lion dancing, martial arts and magic.  Miss Chinatown and her court also pay a royal visit.  Families also enjoy bidding on kid-friendly silent auction and opportunity drawing items.

The festivities conclude with the dragon dance and “bubble wrap” stomp (simulating the sound of firecrackers).  It’s always festive and exciting, and also unfailingly touching to see a gigantic room full of happy families and hundreds of joyful children and youth!  Being in the room provides a wonderful visual for our kids and parents alike – we are part of an amazing community of adoptive families.  There’s nothing else quite like an FCC New Year banquet at Empress Pavilion!

Parade, Firecracker Rune and Other Events

In addition to enjoying the banquet, FCC-SoCal families also march in the Golden Dragon Parade as guests of the Chinese Historical Society of Southern California. The parade often is not the same day as the New Year banquet. Details about participating in the parade are posted on this site one to two weeks prior to the parade event. More parade info can be found here. Kids and parents also participate in the Firecracker Run through Chinatown.

Check this site's News & Events blogs and the Calendar for information during the New Year season.