Orange County's Annual Moon Festival Shines in 2010

This autumn marked another memorable Moon Festival banquet in Orange County. The event was once again held at Ten Ten Seafood Restaurant in Artesia. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food and interactive cultural entertainment.

Co-organizer Susan Tschabrun introduced a mooncake dice game from Fujian province. The game originated about 350 years ago by a Chinese general trying to stave off homesickness among his troops during this family-centric holiday. The total of 63 prizes, based on various dice combinations, was named after the six titles earned in the imperial civil service exam.  Mooncake Dice Game proved to be a big hit with all participants and will surely become part of our annual tradition.

Many thanks to Susan and the other organizers: Debbie Kistler who handled registrations; Sandy Draper who brought the sound system; Ann Marie Rousseau our photographer; and all the other volunteers who pitched in to make the evening a success.

Photos courtesy of Ann Marie Rousseau.

Friends gather together

Event organizers