China Care Bruins "Buddy" Program 2011-2012

China Care Bruins 2010 group shotWe are delighted to announce that there are a few additional openings in the China Care Bruins Youth Mentorship "Buddy" Program for the 2011-2012 academic year (October 2011 through June 2012). Founded in 2005, China Care Bruins is a student-run group at UCLA that raises funds to provide medical services for children in China's orphanages and mentors Chinese adoptees and their siblings.

China Care Bruins offers a wonderful enrichment opportunity for FCC children and youth to be part of a nurturing and empowering community of adoptee peers and mentors. The leadership and members of China Care Bruins come from a variety of backgrounds (and have many different majors), but are predominantly Asian American students.

The Buddy Program participants meet in monthly Sunday afternoon get-togethers on the UCLA campus throughout the academic year, enjoying crafts, culture, skits, campus tours, field games and more. Through these ongoing interactive activities, the kids and mentors will build their relationship, solidify friendships and develop camaraderie. The kids also witness the fruits of the teamwork, leadership and dedication of the college students who give of their time and talents to produce the program and to be their mentors.

Since 2005, Jeri Okamoto Floyd and Susan Robinson have been collaborating with the leadership of China Care Bruins to develop and grow the Youth Mentorship Program. In 2010-2011, 50 FCC children/youth (ages 5 to teens) participated.

China Care Bruins also helps to improve the lives of children in Chinese orphanages through fundraising and community service. As a student organization, all of the funds raised go towards life-saving medical operations for special needs orphans cared for by the China Care Foundation. Fundraising events include food sales, yard sales and charity concerts. Visit the China Care Bruins website for more information.